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Successful case of dispensing in inductor industry

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The purpose of inductance dispensing is to prevent inductance leakage and protect thin wires in the working process. With the development of electronic industry, more places are applied to dispensing equipment. In order to earn more money, dispensing machine manufacturers also produce coil dispensing machine as a special equipment for dispensing in inductance industry, equipped with advanced dispensing valves, which can meet the requirements of inductance dispensing.
Inductive dispensing
Three types of inductance dispensing
电感点胶 There are two ways of dispensing in inductor industry, I-shaped dispensing, PIN dispensing and shrapnel dispensing. The first two ways are to protect the thin wires from damage, and the third is to fix them. Because of the development of diodes, the volume of electronic products has been greatly reduced, and manual dispensing is no longer the first productivity. Coil dispensing machine manufactured by dispensing machine manufacturer is equipped with advanced fluid dispensing valve, which is much higher in dispensing speed and accuracy than manual dispensing.
Coil dispenser
The relationship between the quality of point gum and fittings
线圈点胶机 The dispensing effect will be decided according to the dispensing machine configuration made by dispensing machine manufacturers. The higher the price, the better the configuration. Some industries do not need dispensing machines with too much configuration, or some do not need to use high-end dispensing equipment. The price will be lower. The dispensing machine manufacturers will make corresponding dispensing equipment according to the demand. That is the case in inductance industry. It is also specialized for inductive dispensing. A special coil dispenser was made.
Types of glue required for inductance dispensing
There are three kinds of glue that can be used for inductance dispensing, namely AB glue, UV glue and resin glue. The fluid dispensing valve can only use two kinds of glue, namely the latter two kinds of glue. The first kind of glue needs to use double liquid dispensing valve to meet the demand. The coil dispensing machine manufactured by neutral system can replace two kinds of glue valves at will, but different dispensing valves have different dispensing accuracy. It depends on the type of glue needed for inductance dispensing.
Dispensing Performance of Fluid Dispensing Valve
Fluid dispensing valves also have good performance, flow control is the best, compound dispensing performance accelerates dispensing effect, such as inductance dispensing process, need to stop dispensing suddenly, fluid dispensing valves can stop dispensing instantaneously, control accuracy can also reach 0.01mm, especially in line with the needs of high-precision dispensing industry. The dispensing machine manufacturer will equip you with inductance dispensing machine. If you are interested in coil dispensing machine, you can dial 13662812001.

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