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How much repetitive setting accuracy should be achieved before dispensing position of each product is the same? At present, the dispensing accuracy given by dispensing machine manufacturer is + 0.02%, which is the most standard. Regardless of the product dispensing, the dispensing position of each product is basically the same. Therefore, the repetitive positioning accuracy of the machine we choose should meet this standard, which will not lead to poor product quality.
Repeated dispensing accuracy
无影胶 There are many dispensing machine manufacturers, dispensing industry is also very many, each product needs to achieve this repetitive positioning accuracy, in order to ensure product quality, such as visual positioning dispensing machine, with high-quality dispensing technology, can use visual system to control dispensing accuracy, as long as the program is correct, the repetitive positioning accuracy is not less than (+0.02%), with machine accessories related. 。
Epoxy resin sealant
At present, there are many common dispensing equipment, such as high-speed dispensing machine using shadow-free dispensing syringe to point UV glue, or automatic dispensing machine using epoxy resin filling glue for dispensing. These are the types of machines often used, and the repetitive positioning accuracy should be satisfied, not only visual positioning dispensing machine. The repetitive positioning accuracy given by dispensing machine manufacturer is what every dispensing equipment needs to do, otherwise the products will be quality problems.
Shadowless glue dispensing syringe
绿色点胶针筒 In order to achieve the basic repetitive positioning accuracy, how can we use the shadow-free glue dispensing syringe to dispense glue? Need to start from dispensing machine and accessories, choose high-quality dispensing machine and dispensing accessories from dispensing machine manufacturers, so as to ensure that dispensing accuracy will not be low, the use of controllers to debug well, can not appear air pressure inconsistency, so that whether it is for shadow-free dispensing syringe dispensing, or using epoxy resin sealant for gel filling, repetitive positioning accuracy can reach (+0.02%). Precision, the manufacturer of medium-sized dispensing machine has done experiments.
If you need a dispensing machine with repetitive positioning accuracy, whether it is a visual positioning dispensing machine, or an experimental shadowless dispensing syringe or an epoxy resin filling machine, the manufacturer of the intermediate dispensing machine can produce it, and can also customize the equipment that meets the production requirements according to your current industry requirements.

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