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How to use high-speed dispensing machine for hairpin droppin

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Do you know anything about hairpin drops? Does the ordinary type of high-speed dispensing machine meet the requirements of gum dropping? We also have a lot of experience in this area. We have more than once helped customers to make the machines needed for hair clip dropping. The requirements of hair clip dropping for dispensing technology are still very high, and the general dispensing technology is not easy to solve.
Quality Requirements of Hairpin Dropping Gum
视觉喷射式点胶机 Hairpin is a popular product. With the improvement of the level, women's requirement for hairpin beauty gradually increases. If they want to stand out from others, they must have different dispensing technology to ensure that no cracks, wrinkles and other things affect the hairpin beauty. We recommend a high-quality high-speed dispensing machine to you, to ensure that these problems will not arise after use, to ensure the quality of your hairpins. That's the visual dispensing machine. The exact point is the visual jet dispensing machine.
Visual dispensing machine belongs to non-punctuation equipment
视觉点胶机 Visual spray dispensing machine belongs to a very popular machine. It is manufactured in a non-standard way and used with dispensing pressure barrel. It can complete 10,000 hairpin drops per day, and the defect rate is only 0.2 percent. It belongs to a very low defect rate. The use of manual or ordinary high-speed dispensing machine certainly can not achieve such a defective rate, so the advantages of visual dispensing machine are very good. Many, if you need a high-speed dispensing machine for hairpin dropping, please consult me.
Reasons and advantages of dispensing pressure drum
发夹滴胶 The main function of dispensing pressure barrel is to store glue, hairpin dropping glue needs to use glue, while visual spray dispensing machine can not store a large amount of glue, can only use dispensing pressure barrel as a glue storage device, and many visual dispensing machines are using this method, only ordinary three-axis high-speed dispensing machine, using dispensing syringe can store glue itself, generally used in small glue volume requirements. In industry, hairpin drops are not.
If you need to use visual dispensing machine or visual jet dispensing machine, please call the service hotline 13928403389.

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