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Is there any special equipment suitable for lighting source

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Nowadays, the lighting lamp has become a necessary part in people's daily life. Except for lighting, a good lamp source can also play a decorative role. In the glue-filling link of the lamp source with a large demand, new requirements are put forward for the execution of glue-dispensing equipment. The lighting manufacturer has raised a question on this issue: "Is there any equipment that is completely suitable for glue-dispensing of the lamp source?"
White light source
Full-automatic double-liquid glue filling machine for multi-proportion control
Firstly, this automatic glue control equipment is briefly introduced. The automatic double-liquid glue dispensing machine is mainly used to control glue dispensing. By using the advantage of large working plane, it can be imported into the programming program to quantitatively and evenly pour the dispensed two-component glue into the glue dispensing place, so as to make it more approaching to high-quality finished products, and the qualified rate of lamp source glue dispensing is higher. Supports the configuration of high-strength accessories such as electric stirring dispensing valve stainless steel pressure barrel to improve the stability of power supply glue filling. In the future, we will briefly introduce the characteristics of electric-driven dispensing valve.
Fully automatic double-liquid glue dispensing machine
Reasons for configuring electric stirring dispensing valve
In general, dispensing valves are driven by pneumatic and electric methods. Compared with electric drive, the stability of dispensing valves is better. Therefore, electric stirring dispensing valves have become the production of lighting lamps with higher stability and accuracy requirements. They also have automatic mixing and dispensing system. Two rubber inlets are used for high-speed delivery of glue. Then AB glue and AB glue are stirred by electric drive, and the viscosity is higher and more effective. OK, so the quality of lamp source glue filling is improved again, and the workability of full-automatic double-liquid glue filling machine is also improved.
Two-component stirring dispensing valve
Fully automatic double-liquid glue filling machine can be used for various types of lamp source glue, such as metal halide shaking lamp and other special lamp source glue can also be used.

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