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What happens to automatic power off of high speed dispenser?

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High speed dispensing machine is dispensing part responsible for high voltage equipment in the production line, with rapid dispensing precision without bias, however in the dispensing work there will always be some unfavorable factors of high speed dispensing efficiency, including dispensing machine automatically when power outages and other problems, so that in the end is how it happened.
Hot melt adhesive high speed dispenser
Causes of dispensing machine is divided into system power outages and objective factors of power, automatic power-off system is a function of the manufacturer set, when the operating voltage is too high to burn off the overload protection, it will automatically power off to protect the dispensing machine in normal use, work do not have to worry about the problem of data loss, because high speed dispensing machine generally has overload protection, the next time you open will automatically read the last file.
Single station hot melt adhesive high speed dispenser
If the system is not off the problem that is the objective factors leading to power, is the most common problem of bad contact, poor contact will make the line off the junction, then high speed dispensing machine working resistance increase, easy to make the current blocked to a serious place, easy to short circuit burned circuit. So to solve the problem of bad contact to work properly, to ensure the normal maintenance in case of power failure, with a pencil test whether has short circuit burned, burned only the replacement of the shrapnel, if not burned can use the screwdriver pry shell, and both ends of the circuit can be clamped to the high-speed shrapnel, after testing can be used normally.
Full automatic high speed dispenser
Set file dispenser may lead to damage to power at work, this is because the continuous high speed dispensing dispensing machine production, so the operating system of the pressure is relatively large, after high frequency extraction read files can be easily damaged, so appropriate to reduce the work frequency can improve the working continuity of dispensing machine.

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