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What kind of device can complete transistor packaging steadi

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Electronic transistor packaging glue coating process has gradually transited from manual operation to automatic equipment operation. At this time, automatic equipment can effectively meet the new choice of high-speed packaging glue coating for users. The concept of visual positioning glue coating is gradually recognized, so the visual glue coating function and value of visual dispenser are open. It has been gradually accepted by the transistor packaging industry.
Electronics transistor packaging adhesive
How to improve the accuracy of visual control?
The 3000 dispensing machine under the neutral automation is famous for its stable body structure and visual function control. It is a large-scale visual dispensing machine landing on the ground. The CCD visual positioning system has good control effect on the accuracy of the dispensing point. The errors of the dispensing point are corrected at the millimeter level. The visual gluing function helps operators to understand the proper adjustment of the transistor quality control more easily. Therefore, the high efficiency and precision required for transistor packaging can be compatible through visual functions at the same time.
Electron transistor foot fixing
The effect of transistor pin packaging is visible
When coating the electronic transistor package, it is necessary to ensure the uniformity of the glue quantity, the glue quantity can not be too much or too little. Before completing the simultaneous packaging of multiple transistor pins, it is necessary to control the dispensing machine to adjust. At this time, the positioning system of the 3000 vision dispensing machine lists the product position and the glue point completely. At the same time, the stability of the precise fixture can avoid repetitive accuracy affecting and lead to frequent correction. The difficulty is that the packaging glue is sealed stably and evenly at the pins of transistors by visual gluing function, so that the finished products are firm and stable, and the problem of excessive glue can be prevented from affecting the appearance and practical value of the finished transistors.
Ground-type 3000 visual dispensing machine
So the practical value of 3000 visual dispensing machine is paid more attention by people. The unique visual gluing function has obvious achievements in improving accuracy and efficiency. Therefore, 3000 dispensing machine can be selected to ensure the high-speed production efficiency and good product efficiency of transistor packaging.

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