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How to make the silicone rubber high speed dispensing machin

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Silicone rubber high-speed dispensing machine at work there are some factors that influence the work, including the objective factors caused by these factors including subjective factors, based on these factors one by one solution can make silicone rubber high speed dispensing machine run more smoothly with the dispensing operation, then how to do?
Three axis high speed dispenser
We must first ensure that the dispenser is not prone to problems in the high-speed operation, affecting the normal work may be due to improper operation of the human, there may be internal loose parts impact dispensing consistency, these negative factors are likely to affect the fluency, this time the importance of daily maintenance and maintenance is obvious.
Multi head high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing machine is easy to attach residue in the needle point of silicone rubber, lubricating oil can use part of the residue removal, the daily maintenance fee not much time will not affect the normal working time, best can check on the circuit is bad and unstable in the dispensing work is completed, of course, glue and worktable to be related to guarantee that the next work smooth operation. High speed dispenser starts to slow down before it starts dispensing, and it's almost as good as debugging, so it's best to avoid the goal of high-pressure production just starting up.
Double fluid high speed dispenser
In addition to dispensing work itself, external factors also need to solve the problem, the dry environment can make the dispensing machine more smoothly to perform high speed dispensing, if you are working in a more humid environment so easy to make glue affected, natural drying is a solution, however, natural drying instability has little effect can not guarantee the operation of high speed dispensing machine.

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