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Can visual dispensing function be used for batch gluing of n

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There are many kinds of noctilucent lamps, the most common is the outdoor fishing or picnic lighting lamps, which have high illumination intensity and long illumination time. They mainly come from the brightness of noctilucent lamps coated with colloidal phosphor, which can last more than ten hours. Visual dispensing function, as a function of many large-scale visual dispensing machines, can be used to complete the production of noctilucent lamps. Batch gluing?
Lighting night light
Advantages of Visual Function
For noctilucent lamp gluing, the joint guarantee of accuracy and efficiency can complete the work of batch gluing phosphor. Visual dispensing machine with special functions has more prominent advantages when applied in this field. It can judge the coordinates of various shapes of noctilucent lamp, so as to guide and control the manipulator to move gluing on the semi-finished lamp, so as to prevent the problem of too much glue or inaccurate spot from causing the gluing of noctilucent lamp. The appearance of defective products and the detection system of visual dispensing machine can also help users screen out defective, damaged or scratched night lights, which provides an important help for the improvement of the yield of intelligent production.
Ground-mounted visual dispensing machine
More stable than manual operation
Visual dispensing function is precisely detected by CCD. Compared with manual completion of night-light lamp, the advantages lie in high speed, high efficiency and accuracy, the detection effect is more stable and reliable than manual screening. It can be used to complete a large number of night-light glue coating production line to ensure continuous production stability, and the accuracy rate is not comparable to manual operation, which saves costs for manufacturers. And the goal of one-time investment can be achieved.
Lighting lights light up noctilucent powder
Need to complete a large number of night-light glue coating production work undoubtedly choose visual function equipment has more advantages, the emergence of visual dispensing machine can meet the needs of many precision and efficiency synchronization of production work.

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