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What controls the amount of foam when dispensing the battery

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Electric box full name distribution box, mainly for circuit components power distribution, the main point of electric box dispensing is foam glue, foam glue filling has the role of sealing protection, to strengthen the continuous and stable use of the circuit, this time will be aimed at the problem of imprecise control of glue quantity in electric box sealing dispensing, and analysis of the way and influence of glue quantity control.
Control Effect of Rubber Valve
Most automatic dispensing machines can only be put into production line after assembling rubber valves. In the case of dispensing gel for electric box, it is necessary to ensure the accurate control of glue quantity, not too much and overflow affect power supply, nor too little and affect sealing protection. The dispensing valve is simple and fast to be driven by pneumatic pressure, and can be used to control the outflow speed and slowness of dispensing gel for electric box. At the same time, the effect of dispensing gel is enhanced. Strong, so that it has to prevent water, dust and other foreign bodies into the impact, and has a certain anti-seismic and anti-noise effect, and to prevent erosion material from affecting the sealing effect, foam volume control stability brings about higher safety performance.
Compound ejector dispensing valve
Indirect control of dispensing needle on glue volume
Because of the size of the bottom opening of the dispensing needle, it is equally important to select needles of different specifications according to the demand of the dispensing quantity. The dispensing effect of the electric box is mainly to cover the protection effect comprehensively, so the dispensing needle with larger caliber is needed to ensure that the foaming glue at the point of the electric box is uniform and suitable without overflowing. In order to prevent the scratching of the surface when the needle moves, the texture should be selected according to the nature. Not too hard needle, in order to prevent the electric box coating surface affected and scratched.
Plastic steel dispensing needle
When dispensing glue for electric box, the control of glue quantity may also be the problem of foam glue viscosity. The higher the viscosity, the less the glue quantity, and the lower the viscosity, the more the glue quantity.

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