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Why is the equipment with visual gluing function of high val

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There are many kinds of equipments to finish gluing in production line. According to the different equipments selected in the industry, the reason why the value of visual gluing equipment is outstanding is related to its functions. The excellent effect of intelligent equipments for night-light gluing is precisely this reason. Many users know little about the visual functions. This time, we briefly share the gluing equipments with visual functions. Reasons for high practicability and value.
Ground-based visual dispensing equipment
Visual function has great advantages in production
The common guarantee of accuracy and efficiency is an important guarantee for the production line to complete the production. Using CCD vision function to locate, the operator can automatically execute the product surface coating by inputting parameters. The visual function has the characteristics of high accuracy and high efficiency. It can uniformly coat the surface of various electronic circuit boards and inhibit the appearance of defective products. The same is true for small night light lamps, and for visual coating. The emergence of spare labor cost savings and consumption control has become an important prerequisite for users to quickly produce cost back.
High Speed Visual Coating Equipment
Uniform effect of finished product and high output
As mentioned above, the demand for visual gluing equipment of night-light lamp is large, because the structure of night-light lamp is small and the demand for gluing is fine, the lampshade can be glued on the lampshade after gluing, and the visual function can control the repetition precision well during long-term uninterrupted production. The error of gluing is no more than 0.01 mm, which can be used for gluing various types of fishing night-light lamp, and has a return cost. Because of its convenient use and high quality rate, the market price and value are high.
Selection of visual gluing equipment can guarantee the quality of night-light lamp gluing, and also play a role in the gluing production of small parts in other industries.

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