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How to ensure the quality and efficiency of sealant?

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At present, the technology of sealant filling has reached a new height. Many kinds of products should use the technology of sealant reasonably to seal. The proportion of sealant must be controlled well. There is a contrast between the advantages and disadvantages of the whole manual operation. In order to ensure the quality and efficiency of sealant filling, we should pay attention to many problems, including whether the manual operation of dispensing backdraft valve is in line with the production.
Large area product glue
Practical examples to analyze problems
Take the line output transformer high-voltage package filling as an example, because the high-voltage package needs to take on the operation of focusing, accelerating, grid and other voltage for a long time in the automobile, during which it will be affected by the voltage to generate heat. The reason for sealing filling is to have part of the heat conduction and heat dissipation effect. At the same time, the high-voltage package filling can also play an appropriate protective role to prevent water, gas and foreign matter from entering. For practical application, manual control of dispensing backdraft valve is not necessarily suitable for the control of glue volume, because manual operation may affect the accuracy of manual jitter or movement deviation, and the demand can not be completed manually.
Solving problems with special accessories
The dispensing backdraft valve is a kind of control valve used to control the amount of glue produced and has the function of backdraft. If the glue used for sealing is of low viscosity, it may drip. The backdraft function is to recover the low-viscosity glue by adjusting the pressure, and at the same time to reduce the rate of bad products of the sealing filling glue, in order to reduce the problem of the high-pressure packing glue, so the adding of the dispensing backdraft valve is for better completion of the high-pressure packing glue filling. Work and ensure efficiency and accuracy.
Large floor glue filling machine
There will be many problems in the completion of sealing grouting glue. Specific problems and solutions can be referred to the technical solutions given by the neutral system automation.

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