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How to Improve the Function and Effect of Power Source Heat

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It is indispensable to heat the power supply withstanding the load voltage for a long time. The way of heat dissipation of power supply can be appropriately dispensed by dispensing glue, and the same is true for the main board dispensing. By dispensing glue outside the components, it can provide moisture-proof, dust-proof and good auxiliary heat dissipation effect. The dispensing of power supply with low production can be realized by operating manual dispensing gun, if necessary. To meet the production line with large production volume, Shenzhen dispensing machine manufacturer will explain for you the various automation equipment needed for power cooling dispensing and dispensing, as well as many accessories such as plastic dispensing needles.
Heat dissipation by power supply glue filling
Dispensing Technology for Raising the Heat Dissipation of Power Supply
The dispensing can be done by manual dispensing gun or automatic dispensing machine. The comparison between the two is undoubtedly that the automatic equipment has more advantages. After setting dispensing path with the controller, the glue is squeezed to the bottom of the plastic dispensing needle by pneumatic driving and dispensing. The stability of the dispensing gun is stronger than that of manual dispensing gun, and the error is controlled. The glue coating at the heating end of the power supply is equal to that of manual dispensing gun. Good uniformity and stability can improve the heat dissipation effect of circuit power supply. Whether automation equipment is a way to replace traditional manual dispensing, the same is true for electronic motherboard dispensing, which can be seen from the distribution of dispensing machine industry in Shenzhen.
Handheld dispensing gun
Similarities and Differences with Main Board Dispensing Heat Dissipation
Power heat dissipation is to spread glue on the surface through the path setting. The method and function of dispensing on the motherboard are much the same as that of dispensing on the power supply. The difference is that the precision of dispensing on the motherboard is higher and the selection of equipment is basically automatic dispensing equipment. The automatic dispensing machine with high precision control accuracy is needed. At the same time, the fine plastic dispensing machine with small dispensing outlet should be selected. Needles, these are the need for precision manufacturing of products. As a dispensing machine manufacturer in Shenzhen, Zhongfa can provide a number of special equipment for dispensing packaging and other production needs.
Main board dispensing heat dissipation
Not only is the power dissipation need good dispensing methods, but also the electronic motherboard dispensing needs remain high. The medium-sized dispensing equipment and manual dispensing gun also support mixed batches of various stainless steel needles or plastic dispensing needles. At present, the technology concentration of Shenzhen dispensing machine is mainly automated equipment, so there will be more fierce competition for reference.

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