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What is the recommended equipment for dispensing and bonding

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For semi-finished products, dispensing and gluing can be done manually either by automation equipment or by manual method. The mainstream operation mode is manual control of 2121 dispensing valves and other types of hand-controlled glue valves to finish manual gluing. In the production of products with large demand for automation equipment, 331 dispensing machine is recommended for use in the production of products with large demand for automation equipment. It is more efficient and quality than manual operation.
Non-standard customization of desktop 331 dispenser
Executive Advantage of 331 Dispenser
Selection of automatic 331 dispensing machine for semi-finished surface dispensing efficiency enhancement, has the advantages of labor-saving, fast efficiency, high precision application, because its movement stroke is 300*300*100 is known as 331 dispensing machine, through the connection of the controller set out the dispensing path and driving force parameters to enhance the effect and quality of product dispensing bonding, 2121 point valves can be assembled. The automatic system control is better than manual glue coating quality and repetitive precision control. It has good application effect in production with high precision requirement for batch production. Similarly, 331 dispenser can be used to finish batch silica gel ring paint.
982 dispensing controller
Suitable for batch production with high repetition accuracy
The path and parameters of 331 dispensing machine can be set by control board, so the effect of promoting batch dispensing bonding or dispensing paint is good. Large quantities of silica gel ring dispensing paint can be completed by this 331-stroke dispensing machine, and 2121 dispensing valve can control the flow of paint with high precision. Even the flow control of paint can be controlled, the tache of silica gel ring dispensing paint is to evenly coat the paint on silica gel. The outer ring should be painted in batches on the work station to prevent excessive leakage. The dispensing machine carrying 2121 dispensing valves is more efficient than manual dispensing mode and has better effect on batch dispensing or dispensing bonding.
Manual control dispensing
The suitable application of 331 dispensing machine is mainly around the batch product dispensing bonding, such as electronic product packaging or silicone ring paint, which is superior to manual gluing.

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