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How about using 331 dispensing machine to finish the dot gum

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Many products in the manufacturing industry need dispensing machine to finish sealing and packaging, and the demand for dispensing for semi-finished products is high. Desktop-type 331 dispensing machine can be used in batch automation production line to set dispensing path and parameters and control 2121 dispensing valves to stabilize dispensing. Besides dispensing for semi-finished products, it can also be used in silica gel ring. Good application results have been obtained in batch production such as paint dispensing.
Dispensing for lithium battery packaging
Function introduction of dispensing machine
This dispensing machine is a desktop structure with a moving stroke of 300*300*100. It can set dispensing path and parameter target number to complete batch dispensing production. 2121 dispensing valves are assembled to extrude glue with an internal ejector pin. The glue extrusion volume is uniform and stable, and the pneumatic driving continuously avoids the influence of performance defects such as glue valve no glue. The previous dispensing mode can not be applied to semi-finished packaging and glue dispensing. Silicone ring paint and other large demand production lines, and 331 dispensing machine needs to be applied mainly for cardboard packaging dispensing and other batch dispensing production lines, with the characteristics of set array production, so it is also feasible to use for batch production requirements of silicone ring paint.
Carton dispensing
Effect of dispensing on cardboard box packaging
The bonding surface of cardboard boxes should be evenly coated with glue by dispensing. The manual connection controller operates 2121 dispensing valves with poor coherence and consistency, and even causes defects such as glue-drawing or glue-free valves, which are related to the incoherence and unskilled operation. 331 dispensing machine is selected to ensure the uniformity of finished glue coating and the improvement of product rate. The assembled 2121 dispensing valve is an alternative method for dispensing finished products in cardboard carton packaging.
Desktop type single station 331 dispenser
331 dispensing machine can be used not only for dispensing semi-finished products, but also for batch production of small-scale silica gel ring paint. The surface paint of silica gel ring needs to be uniformly controlled. The dispensing machine controls the valves with high accuracy and uniformity, and reduces the common problems affecting the coherence of the valves such as filament drawing or the valves not being glued.

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