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Thread adhesives are anaerobic adhesives and liquid flowing adhesives at normal room temperature. When the flowing threaded adhesives are separated from air, they can be quickly polymerized and solidified by catalysis. The strength of glue used for point-threaded adhesives can be seen from the solidification effect. The sealing of small capacitors is done with thread adhesives. The glue can make the cover adhesives to the surface of capacitors to lock and prevent loosening. As a result, large capacity stainless steel pressure barrels are suitable for storing thread glue to control flow. The automatic 4331 dispenser speeds up the execution efficiency with the characteristics of double-station.
Anaerobic Thread adhesive
4331 dispenser promotes efficiency
Dual-station platform can place two products in one-way. Double travel and operation efficiency play an important role in the sealing of capacitor point thread glue. 4331 dispenser connected with control board sets the execution path and parameters. After startup, glue valve will glue the cover of capacitor surface. It can be used to simultaneously coat multiple products and control the precision to user's production. The assembled stainless steel pressure barrel can also be used to control the accuracy. At the same time, the glue strength and viscosity are adjusted by heating pack, and the 4331 dispensing machine is assisted to stabilize the production mode of high efficiency and apply it to the screw glue of capacitor cover.
Dual-station 4331 desktop dispenser
Cautions for Using Thread Adhesive on Capacitor Cover Plate
Quantitative control of the glue coating links on the surface for bonding, usually can not use metal, glass and other bottles to store, need to have a certain permeability bottles to avoid curing during storage, so before gluing the cover board, the surface of the rust or oil stain should be cleaned and dried, in order to make the glue strength play a suitable role for 4331 point glue machine control, screw glue storage in stainless steel. The strength of glue should be controlled by heating ladle in steel pressure barrel, so as to avoid the effect of curing on the quality of adhesive coating after it is isolated from air, so that it can be used for control.
Electron Capacitor Coating
The glue strength can be controlled by the heating package outside the stainless steel pressure barrel, which makes the glue conform to the point coating of various products, including the quality of semi-finished products, such as point thread glue.

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