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Has glue been taken into account when operating 4331 dispens

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Dual-station 4331 dispensing machine is an automatic equipment for dispensing glue on batch products. When operating, attention should be paid to the influence of glue problems. Control adjustments should be made mainly from the aspects of use and operation, including the adjustment of stainless steel pressure barrels used for storage and the control of adhesive strength. If not taken into account, glue problems may arise. Affect use.
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Common problems of glue properties
The glue belongs to the liquid adhesive. It will solidify after reaction in the air for a period of time except anaerobic adhesive. Considering the strength and the rate of solidification, it is necessary to consider whether the quality of the product will be affected. A certain catalyst can be used to effectively accelerate the solidification rate and strength. The glue can be dispensed by 4331 dispensing machine and stored in large stainless steel pressure drums. The importance of storage is embodied. After adjusting the parameters and resetting the dispenser, the dispenser can be started and run. It can be used for batch production of cover plate coating or electronic chip packaging.
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Glue problems caused by operation
There are many kinds of glue problems, such as high replacement frequency, which affects the properties of glue. The 4331 glue dispensing machine, which needs to control glue dispensing for a long time and choose duplex positions, not only guarantees efficiency, but also has a good effect on quality control. It needs glue supply for a long time and reduces the reloading of glue. The assembled stainless steel pressure drum can be reduced. Frequency of glue replacement should be reduced to ensure smooth and stable dispensing, such as packaging of electronic chips and gluing of caps on capacitor surfaces. Attention should be paid to the implementation of reset of dispensing machine after adjustment to avoid defective products caused by dispensing deviation.
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Solution of Problems in Glue Use
Controlling glue bonding may result in curing too fast and sticking blockage, which are all the requirements affecting the production of electronic cover coating package. For example, controlling the concentration of glue when epoxy glue is applied uniformly on the surface of cover plate may be affected by the glue concentration. Pressure barrel with heating package can be used to avoid the glue problem of delamination weakening viscosity. In order to ensure the consistency of glue flow and reduce the time difference caused by glue change, 4331 dispensing machine needs to assemble stainless steel pressure barrel to continuously dispense glue to improve the stability effect, adjust the parameters suitable for cover glue coating, and reset the dispensing machine after adjusting the parameters before re-operation.

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