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Can carton bonding be performed by automatic white latex dis

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In fact, automatic white latex dispenser can also be used in the process of carton bonding. Operators can set parameters, and it can also be used in the process of gluing with white latex. In addition to carton bonding, it can also be used in the production of gluing boards and bottle caps. Dynamic control white latex dispenser.
Bonding glue for small cartons
Improvement of bonding quality of cartons
The operator of automatic glue control white latex dispensing machine can set parameters and glue-coating path through control board to promote the quality of carton bonding. The operator adjusts the glue viscosity and puts it into the syringe. After startup, the glue can be driven out by pneumatic pressure. The glue-coating path of the bonding surface of carton is uniform and stable, and the integrity of the bonding area is much better than that of manual operation glue-coating. The automatic dispensing equipment can be used in the mass production of white latex glued boards and bottle cap glued boxes.
White latex double needle dispenser
Enhancing efficiency
After setting parameters and execution paths, the white latex dispenser can be used to complete the production of carton bonding, wood bonding and bottle cap gluing. Proper control of glue viscosity makes the white latex more suitable for application in furniture bonding and gluing. It can set batch array gluing and gluing path operation. Automation equipment can control the amount of white latex uniformly, steadily and consistently, and can help carton bonding and gluing. It is a fully automatic dispensing equipment with both function and stability to improve execution efficiency and consistency in the production of wooden boards, bottle caps and gluing, to further save the cost of consumables for users and to enhance efficiency and practical value.
Wood bonding
One of the problems that should be paid attention to when using white latex for carton bonding is that most people will neglect to control the glue viscosity to avoid the difficulty of bonding due to the insufficient strength of white latex and other adhesives.

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