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Do you know the reason for choosing a sealed dispenser for g

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Seal dispensing machine can be used in filling and packaging of electronic products. In fact, this automatic device can also be used in the process of garment dispensing to promote the value of garment appearance with the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, saving consumables and labor. Do you know why the effect of sealant dispensing is good when water-based hot melt adhesive is applied to garment dispensing? The single liquid dispensing valve has a strong correlation with it, so it has a good application effect on the pattern of garment dropping and the links of underwear dispensing.
Dropping glue for garment decoration
Automation equipment for improving efficiency and quality
Dropping technology belongs to the assistant technology with more stereoscopic sense, which will be used in the design of plastic pattern of dripping seals or men's and women's wear. If the manual completion of the clothing dripping glue can not ensure the consistency of the control effect of the glue quantity, the efficiency and quality of the glue dripping will be greatly reduced. The sealant dispensing machine has a large workstation and a high execution force, and the single-liquid dispensing valve can be used for precise control. Adhesive flow enhances the quality effect, which meets the demand of the flow of glue coating when garment dropping. Other related accessories will assist the improvement of the execution efficiency when garment dropping. Therefore, the efficiency of the sealed dispenser which completes the external work of garment dropping is higher, and the sealant dispenser controls the flow of water-based hot melt glue to its demand and application when underwear dispensing is completed. The same height.
No Constant Control System 331 Sealed Dispenser
Industry applications tend to automate equipment
At present, the links of garment gum dropping have gradually transited to the trend of universal selection of automatic sealant dispensing machine. The sealant dispensing machine can strictly control the amount of gum coating. Whether it is coated with sealant or two-component glue or waterborne hot melt glue, it can ensure a complete and consistent flow coating effect. The choice of single-liquid gum dispensing valve or double-liquid gum dispensing valve should be based on the production quality of the product. Selection, if the application of underwear dispensing needs to be coated with water-based hot melt adhesive recommended single liquid dispensing valve can be used.
Automatic sealing dispenser
The value of finished products after garment gum dropping will be improved, and this technology also has some influence problems, such as the appearance gum dropping is easy to be broken off if the pulling force is too large, which is still some limitations of gum dropping technology, so it is recommended to use AB gum for gum dropping outside garment, while ordinary single-liquid gum dropping valve can not be applied.

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