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How about the quality of foaming glue coated on shell seal

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Some small devices or electronic parts need special foam glue to be filled and covered for protection. The foam glue on the coated part of the shell has a good protective effect after solidification. The operation of foam glue on crack repair is also not rare. The same foam glue dispenser has a high degree of completion and efficiency in repairing such cracks and sealing the shell. It is stable. At the same time, it also has good bonding effect and sealing quality when it is applied to the surface of shell in the fixed part of socket bottom box. It can be used to seal various types of shell electronics.
Foam Seal for Electronic Flasher
Effect of Foaming Adhesive on Shell
The outer shell seal of the battery can be filled with foam glue, which can affect the whole quality mainly to prevent the infiltration of water or dust. It is a way to ensure the use effect and life. This is similar to the function of crack repair. The foam glue is not only extruded in the cylinder, but also connected to the upper end of the foam dispenser to operate automatically. It is necessary to set a good path and control the size of parameters to fill sealant in the filling place of the alignment shell. In addition to the uniform control effect in the sealing of the battery shell, it can also complete the process of fixing and blowing the foam in the socket bottom box. A simple way will be introduced about how to clean and remove the foam in the follow-up.
Cylindrical foam
Choosing foam dispenser has more advantages
The control precision of glue quantity of foaming glue dispenser for battery shell sealing is more superior than manual operation of foaming glue cylinder. The set air pressure value can extrude foaming glue in stable state. The gap of battery shell can be filled with sealant uniformly and stably and quickly, and the excessive glue quantity can be prevented from leaking out, which will affect the filling completeness of shell, so that the precision and quality of shell sealing can be improved by several grades. The control of foam dispenser's integrity and glue amount is a way to improve the efficiency of sealing and crack repair. It is a test for the strength of shell seal or socket bottom box. The following will briefly introduce the general way of cleaning and removing foam.
221 desktop foam dispenser
If there is too much filler in the outer shell seal, it should be cleaned in time. How to clean the foam glue is briefly explained here. Acetone solution can be soaked to weaken the bonding strength of the foam glue and make it relatively soft to meet the conditions of direct removal with a cloth. This is a simple way of cleaning the foam glue, regardless of the amount of crack repair filling. Excessive or enclosure seals can reduce cured foam in this way.

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