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High speed dispenser, point to point rubber, manual or autom

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High speed dispensing machine is a high performance by using pressure principle to realize glue dispensing machine is pushed to the bonding surface, has the characteristics of simple structure, uniform glue production, can be used for dispensing chip package can also be bonded on some small workpieces, and fluorine rubber because of its characteristics are widely used in automobile engine high temperature zone for sealing use, high-speed dispensing machine can work in fluorine rubber seal adhesive ring production line, by manual or automatic point fluorine rubber is better?
Double station fluorine rubber high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing machine is divided into two types of automatic and manual mode of operation, so either manual or automatic adhesive bonding. The dispensing machine adopts the imported stepper motor to provide working power, the automatic working mode of glue high speed uniform strong strength, is very applicable in fluorine rubber bonding process, seamless uniform finished after bonding the permeability of the small effect the tensile, good effect and is not easy to break, so the high speed dispensing machine automatic dispensing mode to fluorine rubber dispensing work.
Double station and multi axis high speed dispenser
In addition to the automatic bonding adhesive bonding can also be carried out outside the manual work of fluorine rubber, by hand glue can be through a special needle, will glue into the rubber seal, according to the reasonable working pressure value to adjust the adhesive strength, and dispensing work time is determined by the glue strength, then hold the glue gun according to switch frequency you can glue.
High speed multi spindle dispenser
The biggest advantage of the manual mode of high speed dispenser is that it can dispense with the dispensing according to the operator's will. If you want to pause may affect the normal work of the work of automatic dispensing, dispensing with manual operation and charge control, so if the fluorine rubber dispensing without efficiency is best to use manual dispensing.

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