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Is the foam waterproof after dispensing with the foam dispen

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Ordinary foam rubber is an environmental protection and energy-saving material used for wall or shell sealing filling in the construction industry. At present, there are many questions often asked about "foam rubber waterproofing"? Firstly, the quantitative mixing of barreled foam can provide foam dispenser to fill and seal semi-finished products steadily and continuously. The application of dynamic dispensing valve to control the sealing amount of coating on the outer shell surface and to fix the socket bottom box also has obvious effect and effect on improving the value of waterproofing.
Bucket sealed foam
Explanation on properties and waterproof application of foam rubber
In this paper, the properties and uses of foam glue will be briefly introduced, in order to further explain the user's doubts about the waterproofing of foam glue. Foam glue is a special compound used for building sealing and gluing. It can fill or fix some slit holes and other uses. The mixing of dispensing equipment with this special glue needs to be controlled by dynamic dispensing valve, so it is used to control the use of foam glue. The dispensing machine has a certain waterproof effect on the sealing of the small electronic shell and the fixed sealing of the socket bottom box. Sometimes it fills the pipeline with foam gum for this reason.
Dynamic dispensing valve
Can it be used for waterproofing?
Some users who have used the foam dispenser have tested the waterproof of the outer shell seal, and verified the affirmative answer about "Is the foam waterproof". For the foam compound used in the production of shell seal and socket bottom box fixing, in fact, the foam adhesive has certain waterproof effect but can not be used as the special colloid for waterproof seal, because the foam rubber has passed through a period of time. After application, it may yellowing, brittle and weathering, and the effect of waterproofing will disappear. Therefore, the strength of foam waterproofing should be considered.
Sealing filling of shell filling with glue
So is the foam used to fill and seal the socket bottom box waterproof? The answer is that it has a certain waterproof effect and can not be used as waterproof material. The foam adjusted by dynamic dispensing valve can be used for sealing and has a certain moisture-proof and dust-proof property, and the strength of the socket bottom box is determined by this.

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