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How to improve the dispensing efficiency and quality of the

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The dispensing technology of filter dispensing household is applied in some industries during the production of filter dispensing. The dispensing efficiency and quality of filter dispensing link in batch execution in production line are gradually improving. The common manual dispensing mode is gradually abandoned. In order to meet the good and stable effect of precision dispensing coating, the automatic positioning dispensing machine is recommended for precise control, and the automatic equipment is used to make the filter. The adhesion and stability of the built in ring are strengthened, and the small dispenser also recommends dispensing dispensing equipment with spray dispensing valve for spray dispensing.
Dispensing Scheme for Coating Air Filter
Visual Function Assistant Application of Automatic Location
After sealing the sealing part of the inner end of the filter, the finished product can play its due filtering value. The automatic positioning dispensing machine belongs to the visual dispensing equipment of landing type. It can place the filter needing dispensing on the working station and reinforce it with the complete effect point of precise dispensing coating to the sealing part of the filter. The control of USB dispensing accuracy also needs the application support of this technology. The automatic positioning glue dispenser can be assisted by CCD vision system, which can be applied to glue dispensing for a long time and improve the execution efficiency. The accuracy and accuracy of the batch manufacturing are higher. If the accuracy and quality of the dispenser are further increased, the spray dispensing valve can be installed for non contact dispensing. This method is relatively stable and suitable for USB dispensing.
Ground-based visual positioning dispenser
Is the way of spray dispensing desirable?
This way is non-contact dispensing, mainly by adding spray dispensing valve to achieve the effect of spray dispensing. This method has a good effect on batch filter dispensing. Small structure dispensing valve bottom spiral atomization spray glue, the material is coated to the filter inside the seal is relatively uniform, with automatic positioning glue dispenser precise dispensing and positioning coating, relatively speaking. The precision dispensing effect is better in this way, because the spray dispensing valve controls the fine amount of adhesive and the uniform area of the coating area is high, and the execution efficiency of this method is high. It is recommended to be applied in the production of filter glue coating industry.
Spray dispensing valve
Filter dispensing and USB dispensing are the auxiliary production lines with high demand and high efficiency. At this stage, the intelligent automatic dispensing machine can be used in batch filter or USB dispensing precision coating production line. The accuracy and efficiency of atomizing glue dispensing with spray dispensing valve have a common guarantee.

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