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What happened to mobile phone parts lost?

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The history of the development of some long dispensing machine, used in various industries and packaging operations to dispensing dispensing machines in the market now, the status is irreplaceable, combined with modern technology, to create a first-class dispensing equipment, but the dispenser is again good also may have some glue problem, high-speed automatic dispensing machine no exception. Machinery and equipment are needed for maintenance and repair, so as to make the problem of dispensing machine is relatively small, especially in the mobile phone industry dispensing, need to glue quality and dispensing effect detection.
Mobile dispensing
High speed automatic dispensing machine is generally used in the mobile phone industry dispenser, the production of fast selling industry, especially pay attention to speed, the dispensing machine dispensing speed can reach 200 times / sec. The conclusion, and the dispensing machine is provided with a high speed dispensing valve, can fast and fast dispensing glue to glue, glue quantity control of glue is also very good, the combination of the large mobile phone industry production for help.
Multi spindle AB dispenser
Need dispensing technology of high quality in the mobile phone industry, in these industries need to ensure the quality of dispensing, dispensing is not only the high quality is not high, the enterprise use the dispenser, dispensing the parts off a mobile phone only two reasons, the first is the high speed automatic dispensing machine in operation appeared in the process of dispensing, second the concentration of the preparation and use of expired glue glue, these are the result of mobile phone parts of the problem, the first case occurs, because of high speed automatic dispensing machine using time, mechanical parts or aging process properly, the dispensing bad, these problems are more common dispenser, want to exclude these problems need for maintenance and the maintenance of the dispensing machine.

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