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What are the technical difficulties of screen dispensing sus

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Mobile phone screen dispensing hanging refers to injecting glue into a slit of the screen and back cover after the screen hanging to reinforce the bonding. UV dispensing machine can be used to dispense glue at the bonding position of the screen. Screen recommendation with transparency features uses UV glue to bond, touch screen bonding and light curtain dispensing, which are similar to this aspect. In fact, there are technical difficulties in the application of screen dispensing hanging. It can be seen from dispensing equipment and UV needle barrel or dispensing needle for dispensing.
Screen hanging dispensing
Axis-to-site glue required
Fill part of UV glue in 0.3mm slit of hanging screen and middle frame, UV glue will quickly solidify and bond after being irradiated by ultraviolet light. Because the screen needs to keep hanging and dispensing at this time, ordinary platform UV glue dispensing machine has good dispensing effect on plane, but can not dispensing on hanging mobile phone stably. Therefore, to solve this technical problem, the rotating function of R axis should be used to align screen and shell. The application of UV glue syringe is to prevent the curing clogging caused by the ultraviolet light irradiated by the UV curing lamp installed on the dispensing machine. The added curing lamp can promote the application of screen dispensing suspension and the application of light curtain dispensing or touch screen bonding.
UV adhesive syringe
Needs for special syringe needles
The use of automated equipment to perform screen dispensing suspension makes the finished mobile phone have a good buffer layer, greatly reduces the probability of the mobile phone falling down and breaking the screen. UV glue is suitable for applications such as bonding, fixing and reinforcing of transparent materials. Therefore, such special adhesives can be used for mobile phone screen dispensing, touch screen bonding or light screen dispensing applications with better transparency. The particularity of UV glue requires needles. For sexual needle and needle storage applications, amber or black UV glue syringes can attenuate the irradiated ultraviolet light, and the UV glue stored in the syringe will not be affected by curing blockage. The same is true for special dispensing needles. The application stability and technical difficulties of screen dispensing mainly lie in the assembly of equipment and the applicability of accessories.
Desktop 331UV adhesive dispensing machine
The application of screen dispensing suspension is also reflected in other aspects, not only in touch screen bonding or mobile phone screen dispensing, but also in double glass edge wrapping film. When the pressure changes, the film will relieve pressure and make the double glass relatively stable.

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