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Is it difficult to program PU high speed dispensing machine?

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High speed automatic dispensing mode needs to support the work of programming dispenser, complicated programming with respect to the beginner is very difficult, this contradiction is everywhere in the real production, so in order to solve this problem, PU high speed dispensing machine programming work is relatively simple, for beginners a certain training immediately to get started.
Double station Pu high speed dispenser
PLC is also called a programmable logic controller, realize automatic production is a common programming software, has the characteristics of flexible versatility, can be applied to different needs of programming, file loss does not appear in the work, high reliability and anti-interference effect is good, high speed dispensing function reads the PLC programming, through the numerical of all the work of dispensing cycle input, and then sorted based on the needs of the work order is completed, can realize automatic circulation dispensing work orderly, such as the need to change the parameters in the PC end, with simple and convenient operation characteristics of the hand.
Single station Pu high speed dispenser
In addition to the CAD drawing directly import high-speed dispensing machine using PLC programming can use PC terminal, through high speed dispensing dispensing teach box will automatically read and use, it is more simple than the former programming, just change the parameters relatively trouble, need to be modified in PC to end after introducing CAD.
Multi axis high speed dispenser
To consider the actual problem of high speed dispensing machine before programming procedures, with PU glue here as an example, this glue bonding effect is very good, sometimes the staff need to use PU glue dispensing, without considering the fixed parameters of the program, easy to pull back immediately after dispensing by drawing or alignment problems, so programming Pu high speed dispensing machine working documents to consider this point, the best in the program will be set according to the two different parameters are stored, in order to call at any time.

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