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What is the cause of smoke from mixing glue? Will it affect

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Sometimes when mixing or adjusting glue, smoke will be seen, mainly with 502 or hot melt glue. This kind of glue smoke is adjusted to high temperature state by high-speed control. For example, PVC pipe coating and packaging box sealing need high temperature glue or fluid hot melt glue to adhere, so there are requirements for the intervention of high-speed dispensing machine. Full automatic high-speed hot melt dispensing machine is used to control hot melt glue and put it into practical application. The following will make a brief analysis of the smoking situation during the adjustment of glue mixing and whether it will affect the high-speed dispensing machine.
Bonding transparent crystal glue
Why does glue smoke when it is adjusted?
Glue adjustment is mainly adjusted to uniform bonding effect by high-speed execution of stirring pump. Hot melt adhesives should be applied in PVC pipe coating and packaging box sealing industries to meet this requirement. There are capacity limitations in each adjustable hot melt dispenser. When the amount of hot melt adhesives in the rubber box is less than 1/3, hot melt adhesives should be added as soon as possible to avoid glue smoking. When glue is added, it is necessary to avoid the re-use of the carbonized part of hot melt glue. The smoking of hot melt glue is related to temperature. It is necessary to adjust the temperature of high-speed hot melt glue dispenser appropriately to check whether the quality of colloid is up to the standard. Carbonization of unqualified hot melt glue can also lead to smoking. Of course, improper storage of hot melt glue falls into dust is one of the reasons for smoking. The effect of high-speed operation on the quality of dispenser is more obvious.
Dual-station hot melt dispenser
Attention to the application of high-speed dispenser for hot melt adhesives
Because of the special properties of hot melt adhesives, the general high-speed dispenser can not support its application. The high-speed dispenser suitable for this special adhesives should ensure a stable and sustained application in the production of coating and sealing industries, such as PVC pipe coating and packaging box sealing. The hot melt adhesives with good quality and stable sealing requirements should be coated. The environmental space for storing hot melt adhesives in dispensing machines should be clean and not fall into impurities. Blocking the running smoothness of the whole high-speed dispensing machine and replacing the unqualified quality such as hot melt carbonization will greatly reduce the problem of glue smoking and have little impact on the operation of the high-speed dispensing machine.
High-speed dispensing machine with double-end hot melt adhesive

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