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What is the effect of high-speed dispensing machine for wate

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The common waterproofing film in life is mainly used for waterproofing on automobile doors. The effect of waterproofing and blocking should be achieved by special way of coating. In view of the way that waterproofing film can be coated manually or uniformly controlled by high-speed dispensing machine, according to the application of current gluing links, the high-speed dispensing machine with more in-depth functions is needed to be applied to the reinforcement of waterproofing film. Rubber links.
Waterproof film coated with AB glue
The AB automatic dispensing machine suitable for two-component fluids is selected as the recommendation, which can precisely control the ratio of two-component fluids to enhance the bonding effect. The precise coating method can adhere to the glue and alleviate the influence of carbonization of the glue. In addition, the efficiency and quality of the equipment used in thermal shrinkage film coating are more suitable for application at present, and it is applied in waterproof film coating. Quality will be enhanced.
Standard version 331AB glue dispenser
Bi-component AB glue is needed for automobile door waterproof film bonding
The bonding effect of waterproof film determines the waterproof performance of the door for a long time. The bonding strength of ordinary fluid is insufficient. There are often discounts on the effect of waterproof and blocking glue caused by sticky drop or carbonization of glue. The fluid bonding strength adjusted by two components ratio is more sufficient, while the general high-speed dispenser is not suitable for AB glue, so it can not be applied to large-area waterproof film. It is suggested that AB automatic dispensing machine should be selected to control the proportion and coating of AB glue precisely so as to make the position of waterproof film to be covered with the glue uniformly and to facilitate the bonding effect of the whole area. After adjusting the appropriate proportion, AB glue has a higher endurance life and bonding quality, which belongs to good waterproof and plugging material, and it can prevent the influence of glue carbonization. It is a high speed. Intelligent temperature control coating equipment, the main application industry is small-scale structure and the need for consistency of the thermal shrinkage coating or waterproof film coating and other application links.
Adhesion of AB Adhesive Coating
After setting the parameters of AB automatic dispensing machine, the adjusted AB glue can be coated uniformly at high speed at the position where the waterproof film needs to be coated. The quality of waterproof film coating is more uniform and stable than that of manual operation by adding two-pore and two-component glue valve. The effect of glue bonding avoids the influence of dropping parts caused by carbonization of glue. Therefore, the high-speed dispensing equipment suitable for AB glue is recommended for application. Waterproof film adhesive bonding is stable, the same for thermal shrinkage film coating control of AB glue can also play the desired effect.

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