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Does carbonization of glue affect the quality of point gum?

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Carbonization of glue is one of several problems in glue coating. The main reason for this phenomenon is that improper use or poor quality of glue may cause problems. The quality of the film after coating may lead to carbonization and reduce the application effect of waterproofing and plugging. Therefore, attention should be paid to the state of the glue whether it is manually controlled AB glue or operated by high-speed AB automatic dispensing machine. Adjustment is equally important for applications such as waterproof film coating or thermal shrinkage film coating.
Adhesive Fluid Adhesive
Several factors contributing to carbonization:
1. Low melting point of adhesive
2. The effect of temperature resistance is poor. Overheating causes carbonization of glue.
3. Carbonization due to poor waterproof and glue plugging effect
Carbonization due to water erosion
The general AB glue has good weather resistance and erosion resistance after adjustment and is famous for its high sealing effect. The two-component dispensing valve installed in AB automatic dispensing machine can be used in a wide range of industries after adjusting the glue. The main industries requiring the application of AB glue are waterproof film coating or thermal shrinkable film coating, etc. The application effect of the adjusted AB glue for waterproof and plugging will be enhanced, that is, waterproof film coating. Based on this principle, it is necessary to apply it. Sometimes, it is found that the glue used for waterproof film gradually fades away or the glue carbonization becomes brittle and easy to erase. This is the carbonization caused by water erosion. Even if it is not a quality problem, AB glue will be removed by carbonization caused by water immersion for a long time, so the effect of waterproof film coating will directly affect.
Bicomponent AB glue
Carbonization due to poor heating
The coating part of thermal shrinkage sheet needs to be uniformly coated with adjusted AB glue on the surface, then cured with heated air gun. If there is a problem of carbonization of glue in this process, it shows that its temperature resistance is poor. If the air is overheated, it will lead to carbonization of glue. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the good quality AB glue for heating. The quality of thermal shrinkage sheet coating is uniform and stable, and the carbonization is not easy to fall. A kind of gum-dropping coating material needed in the manufacture of thermal shrinkage sheets is suitable for the control of gum-coating by AB automatic dispensing machine.
AB glue coated on thermal shrinkage sheet
At present, carbonization of glue is mainly caused by these common reasons. If higher temperature and non-carbonized glue is needed, other types of adhesives should be replaced.

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