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Does the high-speed dispenser have the function of adjusting

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From the properties of red glue, it can be seen that the temperature of red glue should be adjusted properly to apply in the links of dispensing coating, while the curing temperature of general red glue is between 150 and 170 degrees. In fact, most of the standard high-speed dispensing machines do not have the function of temperature regulation. The double-process is to print the solder paste first, then print the red glue, and then paste it by reflow soldering, so attention should be paid to the application. Red glue is different from tin paste, but ordinary high-speed dispenser does not have the function of temperature regulation. If the function temperature of red glue is to be adjusted, the pressure barrel with heating package should be installed to connect and use. A combined version of red glue dispenser can be built to meet the high demand of red glue coating industries such as SMT patch and Pcb plate coating.
Bonded red glue
Understanding the general range of temperature adjustment in the industry
The temperature adjustment of coatings determines the overall bonding quality of most coatings. The control quality of high quality red glue used in SMT patches and PCB board coating is relatively stable. The suitable curing temperature of common red glue is 170 degrees in actual production. The appropriate bonding temperature is guaranteed. The higher the curing temperature and the longer the curing time are, the stronger the bonding strength will be. If the temperature is too high, the bonding strength will be strengthened. Destroying the properties of colloids leads to brittleness. Testing results of tensile force are unsatisfactory, which is not conducive to the application effect of SMT or PCB plate coating patches. In addition, attention should be paid to the difference between red glue and solder paste to avoid the conflict of temperature adjustment. Therefore, red glue dispensing machine should be used to adjust the appropriate temperature. It is necessary to heat the pressure bucket attached to the high-speed dispensing machine suitable for red glue to control the temperature of red glue. It is used in the manufacture of coating point glue.
SMT patch reinforcement
Adhesiveness after Temperature Adjustment
Because the viscosity, fluidity, temperature and wetting properties of red glue are relatively moderate, which meets the requirements of bonding and sealing of various electronic products, it is necessary to adjust the temperature of red glue and apply it to bonding components of SMT and PCB board. The bonding effect is more firm and not easy to drop parts from the actual situation. The difference between red glue and tin paste is that it will solidify after being heated. It is also a common bonding material for SMT links.
SMT Red Rubber Coating Processing
The red glue dispenser is equipped with a pressure drum with heating function. The control accuracy of the red glue temperature is high and the adjustment is relatively convenient and fast. It is suitable for SMT patch and PCB board glue coating and other relatively general industry production.

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