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How does the visual observation dispensing robot control the

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Nowadays, the main device to control the flow of adhesive coating is automatic dispensing equipment. The effect of intelligent visual dispensing machine on the control of adhesive coating is far superior to that of traditional mode. For example, the dispensing control of visual dispensing robot is relatively uniform and stable, which is inseparable from the functional control of its observation system. Because of the high efficiency, uniform and stable coating, PTC bonding and fingerprint module filling are characterized by such characteristics as high efficiency, uniform and stable coating. Efficiency and quality assurance can also be implemented by this device, and this control mode needs to be satisfied with the common bottom filling compound. This time, users will simply understand how the visual observation dispensing robot control the flow of glue coating.
Flow Fluid Coating
The difference between control mode and automatic dispensing machine
Desktop-type automatic dispensing equipment needs to set path parameters for dispensing step by step through the control board. Unlike this, the observation dispensing robot determines the position of semi-finished products through visual positioning system to complete applications such as glue filling. The control effect of this flow glue dispensing is fast and obvious from the actual effect. The position of semi-finished products glue filling is determined by visual customization. After that, the effect of glue release can be controlled. The precise control mode of glue valve for filling glue at the bottom of the demand meets most of the needs of glue filling. Generally speaking, the visual observation dispensing opportunity is equipped with precise dispensing valve to control the flow of glue and avoid the influence of overcoating resulting in overflow deviation and other problems. Such execution stability is more in line with the quality of PTC bonding and fingerprint module filling. High application requirements.
Standard automatic high-speed dispensing machine
Importance of Flow Control Rubber
At present, most rubber valves need pneumatic drive to force fluid and gradually flow glue to the filling position. Visual observation dispensing machine is also equipped with this pneumatic dispensing valve for glue coating control. The function of visual detection and positioning is only auxiliary positioning control, while the dispensing valve can be used to adjust the state of flow glue coating. Operators adjust the pressure to the right level. When the range can play a better and stable role in the control of flow glue, such as excessive pressure adjustment will result in faster colloid flow and excessive glue coating, and vice versa, too low pressure and slow flow will result in a lack of glue coating, which is a common cause of uneven or leakage of bottom filling glue, so it is very important to adjust the control of pressure accordingly, which is for stable and precise PTC glue demand. Connection or fingerprint module filling link is the most important.
Visual observation dispensing robot
At present, the visual observation dispensing robot can precisely control the effect of flowing glue coating through the control of the glue valve leading adjustment, need to focus on air pressure adjustment to control the effect of flowing drip, confirm that the viscosity of the bottom filler is in line with the size of the glue, and then use it for glue coating comparison and recommendation.

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