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Which high-speed dispenser adjusts the proportion of AB glue

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Nowadays, more and more applications in the industry need to achieve high precision and good quality adjustment. Therefore, a high-speed dispensing machine which can control the proportion of AB glue has become the most demanding application equipment. The AB automatic dispensing machine which can stably control the proportion of AB glue belongs to one of the high-speed automation equipment. It adjusts the proportion of AB glue to the applicable range in the mode of quantitative mixing and needs to control the complete curing time of AB glue. In order to meet the requirements of multi-industry application, such as waterproof film coating and heat shrinkable film coating, the following will briefly introduce how to control the proportion of the automatic dispensing machine with high speed and stability.
Three-Axis Double-liquid High Speed Dispenser
Introduce the characteristics of control equipment
AB automatic dispensing machine with adjustable proportion is equipped with precise stepping motor as power source and mixed rubber valve as labor and proportion adjustment. It can adjust the common proportion according to the needs of different industries. Compared with the same type of equipment control, AB automatic dispensing machine has superior intelligent auxiliary effect and precision control. It only needs to set the path and parameters through the control board and adjust the control by the rubber valve. The AB automatic dispenser can be operated to coat the compound with relatively stable and superior quality. In this process, attention should be paid to the adjustment between the complete curing time and the proportion of AB glue. After controlling the proportion of AB glue, the speed, coating time and coating efficiency can be reflected and the stability can be further improved. The modified AB glue has a large demand for waterproof film coating and thermal shrinkage film coating. The scope of industrial application promotion is relatively prominent.
Bicomponent Epoxy Resin AB Adhesive
Requirements for Viscose Proportion Control in Industry Applications
In the application of waterproof film coating and thermal shrinkage film coating, the proportion-adjusted high-viscosity AB glue has a hard demand. Because of the outstanding waterproof performance of AB glue, it has a good effect on the application industry. The waterproof effect of waterproof film and thermal shrinkage film with appropriate amount of AB glue will be improved by several grades. Therefore, the high-speed automatic equipment with good control effect of AB glue proportion will operate. As a necessary item, the application of mixed rubber valve and the setting mode adjustment operation of AB automatic dispensing machine make the proportion adjust to conform to the application effect of gluing, and improve the quality of application such as waterproof film gluing and thermal shrinkage film gluing.
Dual-liquid controlled rubber dispensing valve
The properties of thermal shrinkage sheet determine that it is different from the general product coating. Therefore, it is necessary to consult relevant information before coating, which mainly reflects the bonding effect between the complete curing time of AB adhesive and the thermal shrinkage sheet. At this stage, the proportion adjustment of AB adhesive should be carried out according to the effect of secondary adjustment.

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