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How about the quality of epoxy resin coated on automation eq

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At present, the application of coating, bonding and filling in most industries is carried out in the mode of coating single component epoxy adhesive. The single component colloid can be put into industrial application without adjusting the proportion. It includes desktop automatic dispensing equipment and visual dispensing machine equipment. A fluid dispensing valve is usually installed to control this kind of adhesive for coating, bonding and filling. One-component epoxy filler for seals is uniformly coated to the inner seam with good quality and good operational stability to prevent impact. It is an adhesive for PTC bonding or fingerprint module filling applications.
Epoxy resin sealant
Explain the characteristics of epoxy adhesive
Owing to its good adhesion and wide coverage and low cost, epoxy adhesives commonly used for bonding and sealing of electronic products have the characteristics of simple process, small curing shrinkage and good fatigue resistance. The epoxy adhesives without volatile solvents do little harm to the environment and human body, and have good strength as a new type of epoxy adhesives. Compared with multi-component epoxy adhesive, one-component adhesive can directly control the coating quality with a fluid dispensing valve. Therefore, it is the main compound used for filling dispensing and other links. Desktop dispensing machine or observation dispensing machine belongs to the same kind of automation equipment. It is suitable for this benchmark application with the mode of quantitative control. The automation equipment control this kind of compound needs to meet the requirements of accuracy, efficiency and integrity. And many other factors.
PTC Resistance Coating Material
Recommended Automated Visual Device Control
Observation dispensing machine is a large visual dispensing machine. The positioning accuracy and quality of its matching CCD visual positioning system are relatively stable. It can control the quality and stability of single component epoxy adhesive without adding complex auxiliary devices and matching standard version of the fluid dispensing valve. The effect of filling and bonding of single component epoxy adhesive to the base surface of material is strengthened, while it has good compactness. Sealing, waterproof and dust-proof effect. By observing the visual aided positioning of dispensing machine, we can control the good rate, high stability and high efficiency of epoxy resin coated with single component. It can meet the needs of a wide range of industrial applications. The focus is on the application of PTC bonding or fingerprint module filling. At present, the research and development direction of epoxy resin adhesive with single component is the focus of the industry.
Visual compound control machine
For a long time, the requirement of single component epoxy resin coating is generally for bonding or sealing applications. Visual function-assisted observation dispenser has a relatively good quality of intelligent control, and this automation mode has high efficiency and stability.

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