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How to control the quality of adhesive coating for lamp seal

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The batch demand manufacturing of LED industry promotes the development trend of the whole industry. The production line of lamp seals generally has the synchronous demand of high quality and output. Therefore, it is necessary to complete the sealing work in a suitable way. Nowadays, the sealing glue is mainly controlled by automation equipment, and the automatic filling point is chosen. The glue filling and sealing can be controlled by the glue machine directly according to the path setting. The added 3131 dispensing valve can be aligned with the filling material of the sealing surface through the moving module after the path setting. After the glue coating, the appropriate curing accelerator can be added to accelerate the curing. The automatic control mode is more in line with the need of the lamp sealing.
Sealing and dispensing of lamps and lanterns
Necessity of Lamp Sealing
According to the spiral lamps and lanterns in the LED industry, the sealant is used to prevent the leakage of fluid or solid particles from adjacent joints and the influence of impurities in the air, such as dust and moisture, which invade the parts and components of lamps and lanterns. The sealant structure of traditional lamps and lanterns is defective, resulting in contact between components. Because of the small gap, the sealing part will gradually weaken after a period of application, which will easily lead to sealing failure and directly affect the overall application of the lamps. Therefore, the automatic filling dispensing machine is chosen to control the sealing to control the high quality rate and execution efficiency of the lamps evenly and steadily. Sealing protection is required in the sealing of lamps and cables, etc. In the protection industry, 3131 dispensing valves can be installed for a long time to control the amount of glue for sealing, and the operation is relatively simple and convenient.
Desktop type automatic filling dispensing machine
Good applicability of automatic filling dispenser
Intelligent automatic filling dispensing machine is a kind of desktop equipment. It can connect the control board and input the sealing parameters of uniform coating path. It can be applied to many types of batch manufacturing production needs. Programming adjusts the filling path accords with the gluing integrity of lamps. Programming adjusts the gluing trajectory is simple and convenient, including the plane. Or the path coating of three-dimensional graphics is applicable. The efficiency of carrying control 3131 dispensing valve is high and stable. In addition to the lamp seal, it can also be steadily implemented in the cable filling rubber link. It can directly control the amount of filling rubber with USB import program. Under the adjustment of the proportion, it can add appropriate curing accelerator to promote the rubber.
3131 reciprocating suction dispensing valve
It is indispensable to use 3131 dispensing valve with automatic equipment to control the uniform control of the glue for lamp sealing. This kind of glue valve matching equipment can control the concentration of glue and is not easy to leak out during spot coating. Adding proper curing accelerator can also play an effective reinforcement and protection role. It can be applied to cable filling. Rubber and other batch manufacturing links.

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