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From what aspects can the function of glue waterproofing be

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Many products on the market need to ensure that the role of dust-proof and waterproof is good. From this need, it can be seen that the application of glue-coated waterproof technology will be driven and extended. For example, the sealing of lamps and lanterns such as LED should ensure good dust-proof and waterproof effect in order to achieve higher application value and role, including cable filling glue also has part of waterproof performance. Need, comprehensive industry application mainly based on the improvement of service life reflects the role of this coating mode.
Filling Mixed Sealant
The gluing function of the general-purpose filling dispenser in the industry
Automatic filling dispensing machine is a fully automatic control dispensing equipment, which can connect the control board for path setting and parameter adjustment. By adding 3131 dispensing valve, it can be used for different types of glue, such as sealant, waterproof glue, filling glue and other commonly used control glue. Standard platform can place different types of semi-finished products for use. To enhance the waterproofing effect of glue coating, 3131 dispensing valve will be controlled after executing according to the set parameters and paths. The intelligent and automated effect of this filling mode is far superior to the traditional manual control glue coating mode. The application of automatic filling dispensing machine in cable filling glue and lamp sealing industries has a high degree of execution completion. And the application life is in line with the production line indicators, the role of glue waterproofing will be reflected from the life of these products.
Desktop 331 control dispensing equipment
Application of glue coating and waterproofing according to industry demand
Applying proper amount of filling glue in the process of filling glue for cable can improve the effect of safety application. This is because long-term use of external rubber sleeve will cause partial wear and tear. Through improving the safety of filling glue for cable, it can be embodied in the function of dust-proof and moisture-proof, etc. It can be used for a long time to connect the cable head with some waterproof glue. Circuit transmission effect and preventing the invasion of dust and moisture in the air from affecting the overall safety is a criterion of its comprehensive value. Lamp seals are also operated on the basis of the need for glue waterproofing. The positions of automatic filling dispensing machine can be customized to different types without standard, and the characteristics of applying various glue control can drive 3131. The dispensing valve aligns with the lamps requiring sealing and gluing.
3131 backdraft dispensing valve
Usually used in protective circuits or LED lamps, high viscosity sealant is chosen to control the amount of glue with intelligent mode of automatic filling dispensing machine, which is a kind of operation equipment to realize glue waterproofing.

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