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How much do you know about the role of special curing accele

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After filling or coating with glue to the sealing position, a curing accelerator is usually used to accelerate the reaction rate of the colloid. This time, the automatic filling dispensing machine will control the movement of 3131 dispensing valve to align the sealing position with the filling position, and add the appropriate accelerator to the filling position to effectively accelerate the curing degree and greatly reduce the curing consumption. Time-consuming, this mode is mainly used to meet the needs of mass production, such as cable filling glue or lamp sealing, which can be quickly completed and put into practical application. This paper will give a brief supplementary explanation of the function and function characteristics of this fluid promotion.
Glue curing accelerator
Promoters to ensure industry application stability
The automatic filling dispensing machine is a kind of stable and precise control compound commonly used in the field and is used for coating and sealing application equipment. It can control the extensive coating area of the compound through 3131 dispensing valve. If the air humidity is caused by cool weather or rainy day, the accelerator of curing is needed for the rapid curing of the coating glue, which can make the flow out of the dispensing valve. The accelerator will play a catalytic role in accelerating curing, and the adhesive should be checked before use. Compatibility with the adhesives, including cable fillers or lamp seals and other application industries to select curing promoters to stabilize and enhance the stability of adhesives attached to the sealing filling surface.
Platform 331 dispenser
Used to accelerate the curing quality of filling seals
When operating the sealing of lamps and lanterns, the first thing is to remove oil or foreign matter from the bonding surface, then brush a layer of curing accelerator on the bonding sealing surface, set the automatic filling dispenser to meet the parameters of the sealing of the filling compound for lamps and lanterns, and then press it to run. After the coating of the filling compound is controlled by 3131 dispensing valve, the accelerator will affect the initial curing speed. It is faster and can be distinguished by naked eyes. It should be noted that after applying the curing accelerator, the compound should be coated on it within 1 minute, otherwise, the accelerator should be re-coated, and the sealing effect of lamps and lanterns can not be moved freely after preliminary realization, so as to ensure that the application effect can reach the standard.
Reciprocating suction dispensing valve
There are differences in the links of cable filling compound and the sealing of lamps. It is necessary to improve the AC density and heat resistance while achieving filling protection. Therefore, many types of reaction groups with higher heat resistance are recommended for curing accelerators.

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