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How does the high demand for metal clasp coatings operate?

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Metal buckle is an integral part of clothing and apparel. It has different shapes through coating and sculpture. Metal buckle coating is to coat a layer of paint on the surface groove for decoration. Generally speaking, the stability and efficiency of high-speed dispensing machine are guaranteed to meet the further demand for output and efficiency accuracy. It is recommended to use dispensing machine with visual inspection equipment for operation. This high-speed automation equipment is also called visual dispensing machine. It is recommended to use this equipment for precision control and efficiency improvement of industrial applications such as metal buckle coatings or mobile phone frame gluing.
Uniform Coating for Metal Button
Recommendation of Complete Coatings for Batch Metal Buttons
The requirement of metal buckle coatings is not high, mainly because a layer of paint is applied inside the circular groove ring of the surface for decoration. In this process, it is necessary to keep the paint uniformly coated and not spill out, which will affect the appearance. Therefore, this kind of production demand is highly synchronized with the quality. The efficiency of general high-speed dispensing machine can be applied. But it is difficult to meet the long-term accuracy and stability control, so the dispensing machine with visual detection device has better performance. The dispensing machine uses visual detection and positioning mode to determine the position of glue coating, then uniformly coats the metal buckles, and operates precisely and stably in the mode of edge glue, so the visual dispensing machine is put into use. The application of metal clasp coatings can maintain stable and efficient production control, which is also applicable to the needs of the same type of mobile phone frame gluing.
Special Paint for Spraying
Why choose visual visualization equipment?
Visual dispensing machine is a kind of visual equipment which is much better than traditional automation equipment in accuracy control. The unique visual detection device has the characteristics of fast recognition and good operation mode. It does not need special fixture to place semi-finished metal buckle coating at will. The 360 degree automatic recognition of visual function will be improved to more than one degree. The control of azimuth parameters is relatively precise and accurate, and can be applied to most industries that require both accuracy and efficiency. Therefore, it includes the need for filling paint or rubber in slits, such as metal buckle coating and mobile phone frame coating, so as not to spill over completely and evenly, and it can also be applied to a variety of complex types. Glue the edge of the model.
Visual floor dispenser
The quality of bulk production of metal buckle coatings can be seen from the finished products. The coating material is evenly distributed to the ring groove without spillover, because this high quality control function can also be applied to most industries requiring fine seam edge gluing.

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