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Does the precision of visual dispensing machine depend on vi

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Visual inspection device is an auxiliary device for scanning and positioning. After mounting the device, the visual dispensing machine can operate without special fixture reinforcement, the precision of scanning and positioning dispensing is high and stable, so the function of visual equipment can not be separated from the function of visual inspection from the present situation, so it includes the domestic demand of visual dispensing machine. In order to enhance the control effect by the auxiliary application of this testing equipment, the precision of the glue applied to the edge of slit filling will be improved accordingly.
CCD Positioning Visual Detection Device
How to achieve the precision of the detection function?
Visual inspection is the loading function of visual dispensing machine. The semi-finished products are converted into image signals by image capture device (CCD) and transmitted to image processing system. According to the characteristics and other parameters, the image system signals are converted into digital signals. The image system signals are characterized by operation, and then the alignment of dispensing valves is controlled according to the results of discrimination. Fine seam or edge glue, suitable for production, assembly or packaging applications, can be implemented in batches in mobile phone frame glue or metal buckle coatings and other applications to achieve a complete high degree of consistency. Visual detection device assistant application in the production process of precision addition is the role of users need, which is visual dispensing. The machine is suitable for the production of batch precise coatings.
Visual positioning system
Convenience of Input into Industry Operation
Because the auxiliary application of visual inspection device has brought better application effect for the improvement of accuracy, batch gluing coating can be operated without special fixture fixture fixture. The batch production of mobile phone frame gluing and metal buckle coating needs to maintain good consistency and stability of coating, and ensure the demand index of production efficiency. Some can be operated by visual dispenser. The positioning function of the visual inspection device determines the characteristic parameters that need to be glued and then feedback them to the visual recognition adjustment. After confirmation, it can stabilize the glued mobile frame and metal buckle coating and achieve high precision of glued coating. The intelligent degree of the visual function makes it appropriate. It can be used in slit filling or edge gluing to maintain good control.
Ground-based visual dispensing equipment
The popularization and promotion of smart phones have created advanced technological requirements. The manufacture and production of mobile phone frames is also an industry driven by them. In order to ensure that the glue volume control function of mobile phone frames is stable and efficient, the glue dispenser with visual inspection device is recommended to satisfy the long-term application and production.

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