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Do you know how to effectively accelerate the curing rate?

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Usually, the curing rate should be effectively accelerated by appropriate ways after using automatic equipment to coat or dispense glue. In this regard, the main application needs are batch production, such as mobile phone frame glue and metal buckle coating to achieve adhesion or decorative appearance after rapid curing before good application can be achieved. As a result, batch production of mobile phone frames or metal buckles usually chooses batch operation of visual dispensing machine. In order to improve the application effect of visual vision, it is better to speed up the curing rate.
7452 Curing Accelerator
Adding appropriate amount of curing agent
Before the operation of visual dispensing machine, it is in the stage of adjusting rubber compound, which requires operators to adjust and control the properties of colloid. Generally, AB adhesives on the market have good and stable bonding strength after adjustment. In order to effectively speed up the curing rate, appropriate curing agent can be added. Considering the application situation, it is necessary to maintain a relatively good bonding strength. The stable and fast curing effect needs to add more curing agent to promote curing, that is, to increase the proportion and adjust the dynamic mixing. The visual detection device can help the visual dispenser to precisely align the position of the product coating after alignment. Therefore, batch production lines such as mobile phone frame coating and metal buckle coating will be obtained. To stabilize the accuracy of the control effect, and properly speed up the curing rate to achieve a complete finished product effect.
Visual automatic dispensing machine
Appropriate heating to increase curing rate
Curing temperature plays a decisive role in the curability of most coating fluids. Visual inspection device will control the coating from visual dispensing machine after positioning. After filling, curing temperature can be adjusted to accelerate the reaction rate. When temperature rises, solvent volatilization and evaporation can be accelerated, so that the coating is oxidized and heated by chemical reaction. The application links such as mobile phone frame glue and metal buckle coating can also be heated appropriately. However, the heating temperature needs to be adjusted within an appropriate range. When the curing temperature is too high, it has little effect on accelerating the curing rate, and even makes the surface of the adhesive yellow or dark. At the same time, too high temperature may also affect the curing rate. The production of semi-finished products such as mobile phone frames or metal buttons has an impact.
Single-liquid adhesive
Intelligence and precision of visual dispensing machine are directly related to visual inspection device. Control operation by adjusting visual function also has a correlation effect on properly accelerating curing rate of production line.

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