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Can high-speed dispensing machine be used to coat environmen

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The application of high-speed dispensing machine is in an upgraded state with the need of dispensing and other aspects. Some special industrial applications need to be strengthened by environmental protection and high-temperature glue. Therefore, the glue needs to be heated at high temperature to melt to be used for coating, so special types of dispensing equipment need to be used.
PUR hot melt dispensing machine is a high-speed dispensing equipment suitable for high-temperature compound processing. Special hot melt adhesive can be used to store various types of high-temperature adhesive and control coating. This equipment is suitable for coating environmental friendly high-temperature adhesive and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive and other commonly used adhesives. Therefore, this device is selected for links such as fabric adhesion or shoe adhesion. For viscose.
Environmentally friendly high temperature hot melt adhesives
Characteristics of high-speed automatic hot melt dispensing equipment
Standard desktop PUR hot melt dispenser can be divided into two types: single-station and double-station. According to the suitability of work station, there are differences in the types of glue-coating. The special brass heat-resistant hot melt glue valve is the core component of the whole system. Solids such as hot melt pressure sensitive glue or environmentally friendly high temperature glue need to be coated and placed in the valve, and the heat of PUR can be operated. The melt dispenser controls the heating to make the glue in the flowing state suitable for the application of bonding and coating. The simple operation mode of the connection control board is suitable for the diversified parameter adjustment control, which greatly improves the efficiency and quality of the glue coating. The environmental friendly high temperature glue needs to be heated to the fluid state and is mainly suitable for clothing applications. Apparel and other applications, such as cloth bonding and shoe material bonding demand is large, will be precise control of the function of rubber as the mainstream selection equipment.
Standard single-station hot melt dispenser
Characteristics of Special Environmental Protection High Temperature Adhesive
Because this kind of adhesive has good non-polluting adhesion and is convenient and fast after melt coating, there is an increasing tendency to choose environmentally friendly high-temperature adhesive in the links of cloth adhesion and shoe reinforcement. Good environmental protection effect has become the main reason for the application of bonding. This kind of high-temperature adhesive control needs uniform and comprehensive coverage to achieve effective bonding strength and strength. The operation parameters and setting paths of PUR hot melt dispensing machine can further enhance the accuracy and uniformity of high temperature glue coating. The process of hot melt pressure sensitive glue coating on semi-finished products is similar to that of this kind of glue. It also needs operators to adjust it and put it into bonding and reinforcing industries.
Hot Melt Adhesive Machine with Dual Position Customized Edition
If users need to coat hot melt pressure sensitive glue or environmental friendly high temperature glue, the type of high-speed dispensing machine selected is different from other types, PUR hot melt dispensing machine has become the recommended equipment for medium-sized production, mainly because it can greatly improve the accuracy and coverage area of glue coating.

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