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What is the difference between three and four axes in high-s

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Three-axis dispensing system is now a relatively common high-speed dispensing machine, so what is a three-axis dispensing machine? As the name implies, it has three axes, suitable for X, Y, Z and other ordinary plane work, three-axis type of high-speed dispensing machine can meet most industrial needs.
Desktop-type three-axis high-speed dispensing machine
What's the difference between three-axis dispensing machine and other high-speed dispensing machine?
Generally speaking, three-axis dispensing machine can only carry out standard X, Y, Z core. If our product is located on the side of dispensing position of high-speed dispensing machine, we hope to achieve irregular path tilt dispensing. At this time, we need to choose according to three-axis and four-axis difference. At this time, we need to use four-axis dispensing machine, and will four-axis dispensing machine and three-axis dispensing machine. Axis dispensing machine comparison, there is also a R axis, if our dispensing machine products need to be dispensing on both sides, semi-finished products need to flip dispensing, then we need to use a five-axis dispensing machine. This high-speed dispensing machine is also called dispensing industrial robot.
Four-axis AB dispenser
What are the advantages of four-axis dispensing machine compared with three-axis dispensing machine?
The difference between three-axis and four-axis is in function. Four-axis dispensing machine has drawing points, straight lines, polygons, three-dimensional arcs (space arcs), circular, elliptic, runway, distance, helix, coating, automatic rounded corners, irregular three-dimensional spline curve and other graphic elements, which can achieve 360-degree rotation dispensing perfectly.

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