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What is the working principle of dispensing machine?

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What is the working principle of dispensing machine? Dispensing is the use of compressed air to point red glue through a special dispensing needle to the substrate. The size, quantity, time, pressure pipe diameter and other parameters are used to control the distribution. Flexible machine function for different parts, we can use different dispensing needles, and change the setting parameters of dispensing machine, can also change the shape and quantity of the glue dots to achieve results, the advantages are convenient, flexible, stable, and the disadvantages are easy to produce wire drawing and bubbles. According to the principle of dispensing machine, we can optimize these shortcomings by adjusting the operating parameters, speed, time, pressure and temperature.
Fixed automatic dispensing machine
The needle rotation method is to immerse special needles into shallow rubber discs, each needle has a glue spot. When the dot of dispensing machine touches the substrate, the needle will be detached. It can change the dot by the shape and diameter of the needle. Five minutes, 150 seconds and 60 seconds for curing temperature 100 C, 120 C and 150 C
Three-axis automatic dispensing machine
1. The operating principle of dispensing machine is related to temperature. The higher the curing temperature, the longer the curing time and the stronger the bonding strength.
2. Because the temperature of the patch film varies with the size and location of the substrate components, we suggest that suitable hardening conditions be found. The storage period of red glue can be 7 days at room temperature, more than 6 months at 5 C and more than 30 days at 5 ~ 25 C.

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