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What is the reason for the failure of reset function of auto

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General dispensing machine has automatic reset function. When the system is opened, it will automatically restore to the setting state of subsequent operations. However, if the system does not automatically reset after boot-up, it indicates that there are problems with this function, which need to be checked and repaired.
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1. First, check whether the emergency stop button of the system has been pressed. Once the emergency stop failure is found, it will also affect the reset of dispenser.
2. After pressing the button, you need to check the configuration file, recommend a new upgrade, and check whether the compiler you are using is the correct version to prevent the compiler from mismatching the configuration file and causing the dispenser reset failure.
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3. Hardware connection checking, when the driver switch or jumper and other issues may also lead to startup not reset, how to maintain dispensing machine glue filling machine and other daily maintenance directly affects the quality of point gum and service life. The daily work of dispensing machine maintenance has a great influence on the service life of dispensing control, including the stability of dispensing machine and the effect of resetting dispensing machine.

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