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What's the difference between a desktop dispenser and a glue

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Difference between dispensing machine and glue filling machine
The dispenser is usually used for a small amount of precise glue filling. The glue machine usually refers to a large amount of glue. So these two names sometimes differ, but sometimes they are called dispensing machines and are used only to control differences in rubber.
Dual-station double-end dispensing equipment
The dispensing machine is also called dispensing equipment and automatic dispensing machine. It is specially used to control the fluid and apply the fluid to the product through the internal characteristics of the product. It can remove three-dimensional, four-dimensional and other rubber materials, with high positioning accuracy and precise glue control, in order to achieve no wire drawing, no glue leakage, no glue leakage. The dispenser is mainly used for the correction of glue, paint and other liquids in the product process. Points, notes, coatings, drips to the correct position of the product, suitable for fixing, smearing, circular or arc.
UV Adhesive Coating Equipment
1. Glue: The common glue uses one-component dispensing machine, AB glue uses two-liquid dispensing machine, PU glue uses PU dispensing machine, UV glue uses special syringe dispensing, glue viscosity and density, glue curing time and glue use are the differences between dispensing machine and glue dispensing machine.
2. Dispensing process: Semi-automatic dispensing machine (such as pedal control) is used for normal distribution of glue. Workbench, triaxial, circular drawing and other dispensing machines with automatic functions are used for correct positioning and marking. Automation functions such as distributors were originally a subordinate function. The dispenser is more useful for the operation of glue. Other functions can be adjusted with the help of a controller. Including dispensing accuracy and distribution of rubber and other dispensing machine and glue filling machine difference factors.
Large Flow Ground Filler
3. Employment utility and environment: less products, no utility, the use of manual rubber guns; for outdoor work, the use of rubber guns. If the condition is correct, operate a specific force, and if the condition is automatic, use the equipment with automatic function of glue dispensing.
4. Cost: There are different plans for dispensing. Not all dispensing machines are required and not all automatic dispensing accessories must be installed on dispensing machines. Considering the cost, if you need a dispensing machine which is too expensive, you can consider replacing the glue. If the price of automatic dispensing machine is too high, consider choosing semi-automatic equipment.

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