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What are the characteristics of manual dispensing?

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Manual dispensing machine belongs to the field of semi-automatic dispensing machine, and its operation flexibility is not high. Generally, dispensing products of various types and specifications are seldom used.
In many facilities, dispensing is not suitable for mass consumption. Manual dispensing machine is also a semi-automatic dispensing machine, which has the characteristics of manual dispensing. When the mechanical movement is small, the dispensing head can only be kept in the required position manually.
Semi-automatic coating and gluing device
The glue length of glue products is controlled by glue dispensing.
Due to the lack of mechanical movement, the operation compliance of facilities has increased a lot. Manual dispensing machine consists of two parts: dispensing machine controller and dispensing syringe, which are applicable before use.
There are many kinds of glue products, which are irregular and unsuitable for mass consumption.
Supporting 983 control dispensing machine
1. Suitable for all kinds of fluids
2. Digital Time Control Route
3. Automatic Cycle Performance
4. Control of vacuum suction of concentrated liquid
5. Suitable for frequent operations
Portable 983 dispensing controller
Manual dispensing can reduce labor intensity, practical glue dispensing machine is widely used. Manual dispensing machine is suitable for all kinds of fluids, with vacuum suction performance, can ensure that low viscosity liquid does not drip. Practical glue drillable liquid includes dry glue, red glue, anaerobic glue, black glue, silica gel, SMT red glue, yellow glue, silver glue. Silicone, epoxy resin, thread locking glue, lubricant and flux agent, so manual dispensing problems also have a variety of applications.

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