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Why is it easy to deposit glue when dispensing?

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How to prevent glue precipitation during dispensing?
1. Pressure barrel adds stirring function. When the machine opens, the stirring rod always rotates, stirring the glue to prevent the glue from precipitating. In addition, the stirring rod should have a longer effect. If the stirring rod is too short and the bottom is not stirred, the glue will still deposit.
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2. Before pouring the glue, open the glue container, stir it with a stick or a stirring drill, and then pour the glue into the barrel.
3. You can buy better quality glue. Better quality glue has fewer fillers and finer particles, and will not have too serious effect of glue precipitation.
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4. Buy glue for production date. The longer the glue is placed, the more serious the precipitation will be.
5. The dispenser recommends that you continue to work every day and not stop using it for a long time. If you don't use it for a long time, such as a week or a half months, you should clean up the glue in the bucket and then use alcohol to remove the residue. Otherwise the glue will settle in the barrel and pipe.
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6. In order to prevent precipitation, the glue conveying pipe of dispensing machine is as short as possible. The pipeline is too long, so it's easy to deposit glue in it.

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