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What points should be paid attention to in operating AB disp

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AB dispensing machine uses two-component glue. In the control of glue discharge, it adopts more complex process. Intelligent and intelligent operation mode provides great convenience for dispensing.
Small AB dispenser for glue coating
1. The main point of AB dispenser is the mixing ratio of glue used. Any type of dispensing machine has a series of glue mixing ratio, usually 100:100-100:10; if the glue used is not within this range, it needs to be reconsidered.
Rotary AB glue dispenser
2. There are no fillers in the glue, such as alumina, silica, quartz sand, ceramics, etc. If you have fillers to choose dispensing, you need to pay attention to the key points of AB dispensing machine. There are two ways to control the amount of rubber in AB dispenser. One is through gear pump, the other is through screw pump. When the gear pump encounters glue containing filler, it will wear for a long time, which will lead to glue falling off and inaccurate dosage, inaccurate mixing ratio, and long-term non-drying products. The screw pump is more wear-resistant than the screw pump. These can refer to the details of these two pumps!
3. What is the quantity of dispensing for products that need dispensing? If your main product is 1 g, the ratio of dispensing is 10:1, which is equivalent to the output of glue B is 0.1 g. The glue quantity of the machine is the smallest. When you buy dispensing machine, you need to compare and analyze. See if you can meet the requirements in batches. Extraction of dispensing process or vacuum, the removal of bubbles in glue is also one of the key points of using AB dispensing machine.
4331 AB Coating Machine
4. Production, if the volume is large, can consider the XYZ axis AB dispensing machine, or multi-end dispensing machine, if the volume is small, with a single head, even if there is no XYZ axis AB dispensing machine can be completed.

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