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The climatic factors on both human and normal work may have a certain impact, as well as to the equipment, while automatic help high-speed automatic dispensing work high-speed dispensing function of the user, while the climate factors in the work environment may affect the normal dispensing, with roughly the following.
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Low temperature is a typical case of climate affect the normal work, dispensing glue affected by low temperature high viscosity, it is difficult from the glue tube flow dispensing machine, some special glue will appear white in the low temperature environment, not conducive to the normal use of dispensing. Of course, there is a low temperature glue on the market, which can be used at 40 degrees below zero. This is a kind of low temperature resistant glue which is made up of a variety of special materials, and this is not explained in detail.
Full automatic high speed dispenser
In addition to affect the normal use of glue also has some influence on the work of dispensing valve, valve to screw work as an example, the screw working valve through intermittent work alternately realize flow control of glue, so screw valve is running in every hour and moment. Sometimes the user for a long time after the start of the dispensing of opportunity discovery can not work normally dispensing, over a period of time to work properly, this is because the screw valve affected by low temperature automatically stop working to protect the valve, after energized after a period of time the internal temperature will be more and more high work will be more smooth, but the waste too much time, this is also the adverse effects of climate factors in high speed dispensing.
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The humid work environment will affect the high-speed automatic dispensing machine work, some glue will be exposed to humid environment in water resulting in lower viscosity, some glue due to moisture curing too fast, so the glue storage are generally placed in a cool and dry place for storage.

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