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Do you know what the three main agencies of dispensing machi

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The three main agencies of dispensing machine are mainly responsible for dispensing. The driving mechanism can help the executing agencies to finish dispensing more accurately and with higher quality, which of course depends on the scientific and reasonable control system.
Desktop type double liquid AB dispenser
The actuator is composed of a manipulator and a trunk. The manipulator runs along a straight line in the working process. In order to cooperate with the manipulator, the so-called linear hydraulic cylinder, swing hydraulic cylinder, electro-hydraulic pulse motor, servo hydraulic motor, communication servo motor, DC servo motor, step motor and other actuators are usually selected. The mechanism of dispensing machine is a machine. The main body of the dispenser, including the arm of the equipment, the power supply and the support of various actuators, is included in the three main mechanisms of the dispenser.
331 glue coating machine
Next, there are two main parts of dispensing machine: driving mechanism. There are four driving mechanisms: hydraulic drive, pneumatic drive, electric drive and mechanical drive. Among them, only electric and pneumatic drive account for 90% of the total application. It has the advantages of relatively less glue consumption, convenient air supply, simple maintenance and relatively low cost.
221 Coating Machine
The control mechanism of dispensing machine is very important. In order to ensure the dispensing operation is simpler and faster, dispensing machine control system is equipped with motion control card, off-line conversion board, hand-held teaching box, serial port line, interface line, encrypted dog, off-line liquid product, off-line keyboard, dial switch dispensing program. The advantage is that the files are easy to download and the materials are easy to process quickly.

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