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How to solve the problem of insufficient glue content

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Automatic gluing equipment is an automatic equipment for uniform gluing on the surface of objects. However, even if there is such a capable equipment, sometimes the glue quantity may be insufficient in operation, especially when scholars started to operate, then how will you deal with the problem of insufficient glue quantity in the process of using automatic glue coating equipment?
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1. Check the rubber can to see if it is caused by too little glue in it. Hot melt adhesive must be added at this time.
2. The insufficient pressure of rubber pump increases the working pressure of rubber pump.
3. Clogging of filter. It is recommended to check the filter regularly.
Automatic travel glue coating machine
4. The signal and coil of solenoid valve should be checked if the solenoid valve works abnormally.
5. Small nozzle aperture should be cleaned and replaced with suitable nozzle.
6. Pipeline partial blockage check the amount of gum out of each pipeline and confirm the blockage.
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When the glue amount of your automatic glue machine is insufficient, it is recommended that you check the above factors first. The cause of the problem can only be determined after eliminating the inspection one by one. I believe that this will stop worrying about the impact of the insufficient glue amount.

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