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How to Solve the Problem of Moisture in Automatic Dispenser

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Automatic dispensing machine is suitable for the ingredient requirements of automatic production line supporting high-tech industry. There is no doubt that dispensing accuracy comes from the high uniformity of high speed, stability, operability and durability. This presentation is about the possible influence of moisture on automatic dispensing machine.
Automatic dispensing machine for UV glue
In the manufacturing process of the most advanced products in many fields such as semiconductor, electronic components, liquid crystal display manufacturing, etc., it has won high evaluation and deep trust.
Is it possible to get damp? This is a matter of concern to many people. In fact, humidity is also a common phenomenon at this time of the year. This is a common phenomenon, so how can we judge whether the automatic dispensing machine is affected by moisture? How to deal with the problem of dampness of automatic dispensing machine?
Automatic dispensing AB glue machine
How to judge whether all automatic dispensers are damp?
Firstly, before coating in dispensing machine, all aspects of dispensing equipment should be investigated. If the automatic dispensing machine is located in the same environment as before, the humidity display card in packaging should be checked after the equipment is opened. If the temperature on the humidity card is higher than 20%, it indicates that the automatic dispensing machine is more damp.
Electrothermal blast dryer
How to deal with the problem of dampness of automatic dispensing machine?
One of the simple and fast ways is to use an electric dryer to bake a damp dispensing device. The baking temperature is controlled at about 125 C and the baking time is 10 - 20 hours.

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